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Cassidy McCarthy (she/her) is a theater and film-trained actor driven by three things: D&D, Thai food, and exploring the depths, misery, and beauty of the human experience - in no particular order.  

Cassidy has spent the last few years performing, training, and being an all around nerd. She has a solid foundation in on-camera work with appearances in a number of feature films and short films, as well as experience in voice over.

As an actor, Cassidy loves the process of exploring new projects and strives to be a part of projects that are inclusive, raw and open-minded. As someone who identifies as queer, she is particularly interested in collaborating on projects that center around marginalized identities and those that push the boundaries of what can be told.

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Current Projects
Cassidy is currently cast as the role of Cassie, in the indie sapphic love story, When Olive Returned, as Claire in the thriller short, Die Laughing, and as Kaylee in the audio drama Autumn Falls - The Voices.
Short Film Release!
Cassidy plays 'Andrea' in Participation currently set to release on August 4th.
Recent Releases
Autumn Falls - The Voices streaming now on Spotify
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