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As an actor, I've worked on projects in all different varieties. Ranging from short films to feature length to voice-over to theater. I've trained at Rutgers University, The Barrow Group, and with some fantastic voice-over and dialect coaches from around the world. When I'm not acting, I'm playing D&D, building up my album collection, and reading yet another fantasy novel.

Born in New Jersey. Raised in New Jersey. I am a theater and film-trained actor driven by three things: D&D, KPOP, and seafood - in no particular order. While I grew up for most of my life less than 1 hour from NYC, I didn't see a Broadway show until college. Still, I knew what I wanted to do long before then: Act. Explore the depths, beauty, misery, and truth of the human experience - whether that's through voice-over, on-camera, or theatre.

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I desire to make art that resembles the world as it is today. Diverse, raw, and full of magic. If that aligns with your goals too, reach out! Let's talk!

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